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The best match of a seller and a real estate agent rests on the agent’s understanding of the market and their devotion to the seller. In Southwest Florida, multiple niche markets require layers of expertise. Trailblazer and Naples resident Maurica Hurley has launched Niche Real Estate, powered by a blend of contemporary and traditional marketing to sell the Paradise Coast’s most desirable properties. A Rhode Island native and sailing enthusiast, relocating to Naples in 2000 furthered Maurica’s fondness for beachfront properties and the people who live in them.

Niche Real Estate is the result of more than a decade of Maurica’s experience working with developers, builders and real estate professionals. Amassing a skillset that bridges the gap between innovative and conventional real estate sales techniques, her unique abilities include recognizing opportunities and quickly acting upon them, leveraging experience, research and digital solutions. Digitally Certied in Content Marketing, Social Media Management and SEO Management, Maurica is adept at using media to generate sales, including working with mobile platforms to reach targeted buyers incorporating video, social media and texting technology. Her many successes have included brand management, realtor and broker event planning, advertising, multi-media and PR campaigns, commercial and print production for companies like West Bay Club, Fiddler’s Creek, Bella Terra, Deangelis Diamond Construction, Colonial Homes, Lennar, St. Croix and Premier Properties – experience she now channels through Niche Real Estate via Premier Plus Real Estate.

Bonita Beach House Rental: 26780 Hickory Blvd, Bonita Springs